Just stopping by

Wow!  What a crazy month September has turned out to be! (and October is quickly following!) Shew!  I am not complaining though!  I LIVE for wedding season!!  Another reason (one of many) I destest winter is – no more weddings… so I am really excited to share all the AMAZING pictures from our weddings that have gone on!  
Here are just a few little tid bits while we wait on our photographers to do all their behind the scense magic!

Jessica’s shoes were so freaking hot!!  LOVED them with her tattoo!
Photograph by Heather MacLeod
Stephanie and her adorable Maid of Honor (her daughter) Brooke

Stephane and Chuck exchanging rings  <3
Yes, you are seeing this correctly – an Armadillo Groom’s cake! 
Here’s the “bleeding” part – red velvet… yum!
There are lots more to come, so check back soon!!