70’s Wedding Shoot

Right now I feel like a little kid on Christmas morning, just waiting to open her presents…. (*squeal!*) What might I be so excited for, you ask?… I am finally able to post the link to our 70’s styled photo shoot!


I had so much fun hanging out with the fabulous Brent & Anna Deitrich of LiveView Studios, make-up artist to the stars Karen Michelle Clark, the awesome vendors that participated (we couldn’t have done it without you!!!) and our lovely models and photography assistants. During the shoot, Brent tuned into Pandora and we jammed out to (my favorite genre) classic rock from the 60’s & 70’s. Everyone made the afternoon so memorable. I look forward to working with everyone again.

Our inspiration all started from the dress. I took one look at that dress and knew we had something awesome on our hands. The lace, the style, it all reminded me of a by-gone area. My mind immediately started flooding with ideas of Twiggy-esq makeup, avocado green rotary phones, Polaroid cameras, and my Grandmother’s old family room covered in plastic (which I miss very much Grams!) Slowly but surely Anna and I had so many cool and unique details I knew the shoot would bea success!

I know I’ve already said this but we really could not have done this shoot without our generous vendors!! Leona Taylor of Frosted Bliss made our groovy cake. I love the symmetry and design of the polka dots. They were dusted with an ever-so-delicate shimmer that made the silver dots pop! Side note – I was tortured on the way down to the shoot with the delicious smell of sugar!! Yum!

The beautiful floral arrangements were created by Elizabeth Jones of Flowers by Elizabeth. Aside from the fact that Gerbera Daisies are one of my favorite flowers – I love how they remind me of a psychedelic Jimi Hendrix poster. The colors were a perfect fit!

The stationary was created by the talented Alison Citron of Love Citron. She is a budding graphic designer in theTriangle and I cannot wait to work with her on future endeavors! How cool is the font on the menus? They totally remind me of the PSA’s we used to watch in elementary school that were made in 1970-something.

Now on to the décor – I love the floating 45’s!! We were able to incorporate the vinyl records into not only the background décor but also all over the shoot! Notice the “chargers” on the tables? Vinyl… Under the cake – more vinyl.

Wondering what those pink and grey poof balls are?! A great DIY project! All you need is yarn in the color of your choice then wrap around your first three fingers about a million times (just kidding, more like 50). Then you’ll tie them off in the middle and cut the loops – poof! You have these cute little poof balls to add to your décor. Very easy to do while watching “Say Yes to The Dress”.

The Twister game was a last minute idea courtesy of Anna. It was perfect! After Eva Gabor played the (brand-new) game with Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show on May 3, 1966, Twister began making human pretzels of teenagers and adults all over the country. Not surprisingly, Twister was considered controversial (gasp!) and was accused of selling “sex in a box”. Most likely this came from the fact that Twister was the first game to use people as the playing pieces and we all know how risqué those positions can get! (Triva question – what love-interest did Carrie play Twister with in Sex and the City?!)

Lastly, I have to comment on how much I love the Bride’s pearl headband and that green chair!!! Brent & Anna, when you’re ready to get rid of that chair – call me!! I will gladly take it off your hands. =)

I hope for a few minutes, while browsing through the photos, your inner-hippie was transported to a time-gone-by where there was no such thing as the internet or emails…cell phones were something you saw on Star Trek… and peace, free love, and music were all the rage.